Wednesday, 15 February 2012

But just like Kate goes with William and Barbie goes with Ken ..

To start Valentines off I made this textured heart cushion using a technique that I learnt whilst studying at college. Not only did it get me in the Valentines spirit but it has now sparked off an idea for a range of cushions for Tatty Betty.

Me and my boyfriend decided that it'd be fun to get each other tacky presents this year. Him being a student and me just being very poor we thought this would be a good idea. Who needs exepensive gifts anyway? You tell each other what you mean to each other all year round, this is just a bonus day where you can say it more, right?!

I found this card from
Oodles of Doodles after having already bought two joke cards but I just couldn't leave it there! It was so nicely designed and the words just summed us up perfectly.

The problem with social networking these days is that it gives everyone a platform to showcase what they get on public holidays. Don't get me wrong, I'm guilty of doing such things but when you've been good and agreed on not spending a silly amount of money and then you go online and see pictures and status updates of expensive flowers, meals, jewellery, holidays, candle lit baths ... you can't help but let it leave you feeling a bit, well .. flat.

But after the initial grump .. I read through my boyfriends list of reasons why he loves me and realised that that was all I needed on this celebratory day of love, to know that I was loved and appreciated ... and suddenly my stuffed toy love hippo seemed like the most expensive present in the world!

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