Thursday, 19 January 2012

Fat Birds

My boyfriends is currently at Uni in Coventry. As much of a dump as Coventry itself is, the surrouding areas are actually really very nice. We tend to go to Leamington Spa as much as we can. Last weekend we spent our Saturday morning going through Coventry market and charity shops for crafty bits, and no it wasn't just me dragging him round, he enjoyed it too, well mainy the giant pork and apple baguette for £2 from the market! But after this we got the train to Leamington purely to go to our favourite cafe. Fat Birds. The menu has everything on it a cafe menu should have; a good selection of herbal teas, many cakes (the coffee and walnut my absolute favourite), and a good choice of healthy wholesome food, although the Tuscan bean stew could do with a bit more spice! But it's still my favourite cafe to go and just eat and talk. If you ever happen to go to Leamington Spa you must check it out, we only first went there as the cafe we wanted to go to was full but I'm glad it was full ..

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