Monday, 9 January 2012

January Blues

I'm off work today with the headache to trample on all headaches but inbetween napping and lying with an ice block stuck to my head, I have been thinking and planning and so here is my blog to summarise.

I'm trying to beat the January blues by planning my craft buisness. So far so good. Plans are coming together nicely. My brand name has been decided on, and website is under construction, EXCITING! I just need to sort out everything else in my life so that I have an adequate amount of time to craft. I have many product ideas divided into three main categories which are the centre of the brand. All will be revealed soon!

January blues have hit me pretty bad this year. It's always rubbish at the end of a holiday because it means that it's time for my boyfriend to go back to Uni. I will see him again at the weekend and every weekend after that but it's horrible getting back to lonely weekdays and saying goodbye doesn't get any easier after 3 years!
It also doesn't help that I don't like my job and hate spending 40 hours of my week with people I don't like doing things I don't like. Kind of defeats the object of life.
But ANYWAY it's a new year and hopefully all of this will change soon. I'm looking forward to a bright 2012 with lots going on and plenty of welcome changes!

The two records that have been helping to pick myself up this January are from two different styles of music but two styles that I love equally and from two artists that are going to have a great 2012 ..

SBTRKT - Sbtrkt and BEN HOWARD - Every Kingdom

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