Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Three balls of wool later ...

I decided I wanted to start knitting back in October, and yes, I only finished the scarf I decided to knit a couple of weeks ago!! My god it is SO time consuming! I loved it and I will definitely continue to knit but I just wish I had more TIME. It wouldn't have taken me so long had I not had to stop to do the pieces for my craft fair's and what with Christmas preperation and being tired after work every night and what not blah blah. I also decided that I was going to knit with an extremely tight tension which added to the length of time it took to make. ANYWAY kniting is so easy and anyone could do it. I made this scarf for my fella. He wanted a scarf he could wear with anything and for years, so I chose a basic cream 'Aran' wool and chose to just use the knit stitch to give it a more masculine look. I did make it a bit too wide but I know for next time, and if we hit the 'big freeze' this year then he will be sorted!

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