Monday, 19 March 2012

A Craft Fair Success Story!

Following my blog post in which I had a bit of a Craft Fair disaster, thankfully, I have a bit of a success story to report!
This weekend I combined forces with my friend who specialises in upcycling furniture and mirrors and making cute rosebud hearts, and we attended a village Handmade and Vintage Fair. I had a much more positive outlook from the off, after the disaster of the previous Fair I kind of had it in my head that it couldn’t be any worse than that!
The other crafters seemed a lot friendlier, a lot more on the same wavelength and they had much more interesting stock! Once we had finally set up I had to keep stopping myself from wandering around to have a nose!
Our Stall!

We mixed our stock up on the stall and it actually looked great together. Our bits both complimented and contrasted each other. The day got off to a good start when I sold the only two book page butterfly garlands I had with me within the first ten minutes! If only I had brought more with me .! Unfortunately we didn’t make a lot but we got a lot of good feedback and customers were so much more positive than before! We head a lot of ‘we must go and get some money out and come back to this stall’, which unfortunately didn’t happen but it was nice to hear!
Throughout the day we became quite inspired by some bits we had seen and came up with some ideas for future products. We also agreed to book a much, much bigger, weekend-long fair which at first we were quite daunted by but having done a couple of small Fair’s we have decided that paying more upfront will pay off in the end and we’re confident that there will be passing custom that will be interested in our stall. We just have to wait for a confirmation email back for this one, FINGERS CROSSED.
Anyway, we sold a few bits, met some nice customers, had a lot of interest, became inspired and had a lovely day. Fingers crossed that the next one will bring in the sales!!
A couple of other stalls whose names I took down were who sold funky retro jewellery and who sold and hired out vintage crockery.

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