Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Trip down memory lane ...

Yesterday I spent some time tidying out my craft space and organising bits into boxes. Having been to two Craft Fairs in the last couple of weeks I had been using my car as extra storage space so I eventually took everything out of my car and starting putting it back in the cupboards. While I was there I found a massive pile of my old Art and Textiles sketchbooks from school and college. Some things I looked at/read made me laugh, some brought back great memories, some made me cringe and some made me remember techniques that I had forgotten about. I’m so glad they I kept them all.
Here are some pictures of things I found.

Some bits from my Photography module at college, I forgot how simple it was to make great images using a Photogram method. I really wish that I had taken advantage of facilities such as the developing room and stuff at the time; I was just too busy being a teenage girl!

I found my copy of this book called ‘Romantik’. It’s full of great graphics and illustration style imagery. All using collage methods and put together on a computer, I wish I was clever enough to produce such wonderful images. I love that style of art but my Photoshop skills are very limited!

Here is a REALLY old bit of work from my GCSE art, I think this one was done when I was in year 10 so I would have been 14! My tutor saw my love of colour and fashion and introduced me to Japanese street style magazine Fruits. I then did a project around it and these were some of my pages from it. What interested me was my use of torn book pages and newspaper, something that I thought began in my college days with inspiration from book page artist Su Blackwell. My love for using scraps of text obviously began a lot earlier!

And here are a few pages from some of my fashion modules at college. It seems strange now to think of me producing clothing designs. It wasn’t something that came particularly easy to me.  I loved drawing designs but found the ideas a bit of a struggle! Very hard to come up with completely new ideas in fashion!

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