Monday, 19 March 2012

What can I get for £4.10?

I had to take a trip to the fabric shop today and after being surrounded by vintage loveliness yesterday I also had a browse in a few charity shops and came out with some great buys that came to a grand total of £4.10!!
I find charity shop and vintage buying very addictive. Once you've got the bug, you've got the bug. What if you walked by and didn't go inside and
there was the perfect 'something' in there and you miss out on it? I guess it just makes for another excuse to shop :) .. much to my boyfriends dismay!
I'm going to share my finds with you ...

This top is a bit big for me but I loved it too much to leave there and I can always take it in! I remember seeing it in Topshop a while back. I am itching to wear it with some peach jeans for Spring!

These aren't for me, but at £1.50, what a bargain! A bit worn but nothing a hot wash can't solve!

50p for a new read! This sounds hilarious and it's recommended by Dawn French, whose autobiography I laughed so much at, so fingers crossed it will be a good one!

I also bought this lovely tablecloth as it's in my favourite colour. I don't know whether to use the fabric to make something or keep it as a tablecloth yet as I love the scalloped edge.

So they are my latest finds, what are yours?

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