Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Latest lot of Inspiration

I’ve been having a bit of a virtual look around at some inspiring designer/makers and decided to share what I’ve found.
 A couple of these are people I have spoken about before but I love them too much to not include them!
I’m going to start off with a new find thanks to Folksy. Their online Magazine Frankly regularly has ‘Meet the Maker’ articles and yesterday they featured
Jenny McCabe of Coo & Co. After looking at her work I can honestly say that it’s made me look at pigeons in a different light! I’m a sucker for a bit of screen print and hers are simply fab! I love the silhouette aspect of her designs and use of monochrome with the odd splash of sophisticated colour.

Go check her out at
www.folksy.com/Shops/CooandCo and www.cooandco.co.uk

From a new find to an old favourite, Kirsty Elson Designs. I fell in love with her driftwood pieces a while back and have followed her story on Twitter and Facebook ever since. Her designs are simple yet perfectly executed. She knows that less is often more and my favourite pieces of hers are her driftwood cottages with nails used as chimneys. Solid pieces that are made so delicate. I also love her textile pieces. The hanging jellyfish are so fun and if I had a child they would be the first thing that I would buy for their playroom. With a great eye for colour, once again these are simple, yet so very clever!

Check her stuff out at
www.folksy.com/Shops/KirstyElson and www.KirstyElsonDesigns.co.uk

I’m now going to take you onto a Facebook find, Molly and Mum. Molly and Mum consists of Michelle and her 10 (yes, 10!!) year old daughter Molly. What a lovely concept. Mum sews while Molly stuffs and draws! Their toys have faces that have been made with such personality and love. Just look at their ‘Spring Lambs’, how amazing are they?! Such a lovely thing to put in an Easter hamper for a little one. If you’re looking for a soft toy with a bit of character to give as a gift then you really need to check them out ..

www.mollyandmum.co.uk and www.facebook.com/pages/Molly-and-Mum

If you’re after a piece of jewellery that’s a bit out there and a bit wacky then you need to head over to Fanni Loves FuFu, the name says it all! Imagine your craziest dreams and fairytales put into a necklace and that is Fanni Loves FuFu. She doesn’t just stop at jewellery, as her business card reads she is the ‘myriad maker of marvellous magnificence’, making pretty much anything you can think of and making it look fabulous! She does a bit of upcycling, creating and vintage sourcing. My favourite piece is her ‘Day of the Dead’ inspired bib necklace. A wonderful mix of soft and hard textures.

Take a peek at

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